Dr. Joshua Reasor

Dr. Joshua Reasor is a third generation chiropractor and graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College. Originally from Bedford, IN., Dr. Reasor took the opportunity in 2009 to join Reasor Chiropractic Center in Salem, IN. With a strong family and personal connection to chiropractic, Dr. Reasor has a lifetime of experience in the principles of health and wellness and it is his desire to use these principles to enrich the lives of others.

Several years ago, when confronted with a serious health issue in his own life, Dr. Reasor became even more passionate about seeking out natural health solutions, and in using these techniques to help others. Using the most effective, as well as the most economical strategies available, he continues to seek to maximize his own health through diet, lifestyle, and natural therapies. As a chiropractor, educator and mentor, he is committed to helping others reach their own health potential.