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Services & Techniques

At Reasor Chiropractic Center, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients.  Below is a sampling of the different chiropractic services we offer in our Salem office.

Chiropractic Care

We provide advanced spinal, cranial, and extremity correction utilizing "state of the art" chiropractic techniques.  Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists.  These newer correction methods are even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Reasor has years of training and experience in spinal, cranial, and extremity adjustment.

Corrective Exercises

We teach our patients special "blueprint" exercises designed just for them to help strengthen and correct their own unique problem.  These exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home and can improve the effectiveness of your spinal correction by as much as 30-40%.  In addition to skeletal misalignment, muscles and connective tissues can be out of place or strained by improper alignment and use.  Specific exercises and stretches can help your body stay in balance and in health.

Lifestyle Coaching

Our patients often find it helpful to have a "coach" who understands and can help address their particular health challenges.  Our goal is to help every patient achieve a fulfilling and happy lifestyle full of the activities they enjoy most.  We recognize that each of our patients is a unique individual, and we work with our patients to help each one reach their true health potential.

Nutritional Analysis & Counseling

Imagine the best contractor or a mason building a project.  Now think what kind of project he can build if he has warped or degraded materials to use.  It is the same way with your body.  Poor materials equal a poor end project.  We provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to enhance our patients' return to optimal health.  With so many choices, do you know which supplements and vitamins are good for you?  Using technology and science, Dr. Reasor can provide a structured nutritional program based on your individual needs.

Spinal & Postural Screenings

Posture and spinal screenings can reveal important health information early and unlock the door to improved health and well-being.  We provide screenings at community events, health fairs, area schools, and places of employment.  Contact us today to arrange a screening at your event or workplace.


 Backpack Screenings

It is amazing how we can put thousands of pages of data onto a microchip smaller than the eye can see, yet students are carrying backpacks that are heavier than ever filled with text books.  Some young people carry backpacks with 40% of their body weight or more.  Until schools figure out a way to make the loads lighter, we recommend that you have your children screened for current and future spinal problems related to backpack use.  Call and ask how we can set up an evaluation of your children's spines and the load they carry in their backpack at their school or in our office today.


To complement and enhance the healing effects of Dr. Reasor's specific Chiropractic adjustment treatment, we at Reasor Chiropractic Center also provide the following physiological therapeutic procedures:

  • Tappotement Massage
  • Flexion Distraction
  • Mechanical Traction
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Interferential/Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Moist Heat Therapy
  • Active Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Program
  • Auriculotherapy


 Golf Safety Training

In all sports participants run the risk of injury but particularly when they haven't trained.  Because the first opportunity many golfers take to train is when they step up to the tee, they are at particular risk of injury.  Don't be one of them!  Because professionals make the swing look so easy, it is common to forget that the swing is a tremendously demanding physical act.  Call our office and ask how you can take part in a simple program designed to strengthen and protect you on the course.

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